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    Local Go Clubs

    Northern California is privileged to have many active go clubs. The following is a list of some of the local clubs. Be sure to check club websites for the most up-to-date information. If you don't see your club listed here, please let us know.

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    KGS Club Room

    We've got our own club room on KGS, the Kiseido Go Server. There you can play go, chat, and network online with other players in Northern California. Did you meet somebody at a recent tournament or pro lecture and you'd like to play them again online? Meet them in the Bay Area GPA room on KGS.

    Not familiar with how rooms work on KGS? Simply log in, click on the Rooms menu and select Room List. Next click on Clubs and find the room called, "Bay Area GPA." Click on this room and then click on Join. You are now all set. You will now have a Bay Area GPA tab in your main KGS window, and clicking on this tab will take you into the Bay Area Go Players Association club room.

    The American Go Association is the national organization of go players in the United States. Lots of information about the game, ratings, and events can be found on this website.

    The Way to Go is a wonderful introduction to the game of go written by Karl Baker. This easy to read booklet discusses the history of the game, the rules, and introductory concepts such as eyes and ladders. has a collection of interactive go problems at all skill levels—good for beginners and dans alike. is a website where go players can find other players who live nearby and schedule face to face games.

    The Kiseido Go Server and Internet Go Server are two places you can play go online.

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    About Us

    Bay Area Go Players Association is a nonprofit organization created to serve the go community by sponsoring and publicizing tournaments, lessons, and educational events in Northern California. Check out our photo gallery to see pictures from past events.

    The Bay Area Go Players Association runs quarterly ratings tournaments at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to ensure that go players of all abilities have the opportunity to participate in official games on a regular basis. We also organize lectures and game review sessions in order to help players at all levels improve their game. To bring new people to the game of go, we perform community outreach in the form of go demonstrations and introductory lectures. For intensive learning opportunities, we organize workshops with professional players a few times each year.

    Please tell your friends about Bay Area Go Players Association. Spreading the word benefits the entire go community. You can also post our brochure or flier at your go club, in your school, or on community bulletin boards. Thanks for the help!

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